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untitled_10Sun Moon Yoga is an independent Yoga school offering Yoga classes in Sheffield, specifically in the areas of Hunters Bar (S11) and Broomhill (S10).  There are classes to suit all levels, as well as regular workshops focusing on particular aspects of our Yoga practice, enabling a more in depth self study.  You can also book an individual 1 to 1 session or perhaps if you have a specific problem or issue you could try 1 to 1 Yoga Therapy.  We offer professional, safe and effective yoga for all ages and levels of ability, and aim to teach in a clear, precise manner that respects your current ability and helps you to develop at a level that is suitable for you.

Classes are taught with the individual in mind.  The student is taught to become more aware of the sensations in their body and breath whilst performing the various postures and is encouraged to understand and feel what is right for them with each movement and each breath.  This level of mindful awareness untitled_12brings us to the present moment and allows the mind to become less agitated and more calm.  Calmness in the mind thus leads to less tension in the body.  The teacher is the guide for each student to become aware to their own inner teacher.  Each week, classes revolve around a central theme although we repeat practices to gain mastery over them.

untitled_07Sunmoon Yoga follows the path of Hatha Yoga, which involves the practice of Asana (physical postures) and Pranayama (breathing techniques), along with relaxation and meditation.  Practising this way over time gradually builds strength and flexibility in the body, is purifying and cleansing, and brings peace to the mind and freedom of spirit.  There are many benefits of Yoga through a mindful regular practice, but the rewards are not the goal, it is the journey itself that gives most rewards.

Have a look at our classes page to find out what class would suit you. If you want to know more, get in touch.

We also offer Yoga classes in the workplace and other holistic therapies.

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